Welcome to the Chandar UniverseEdit

This is the alpha handbook for our role playing system. The current page will cover what is important to know about Chandar. It is split into the The World, that describes the world of Chandar, and the System, which is the underlying system for creating a character in the world. The universe around Chandar is based on the thought, that religion can rule the world in a world where what you believe will be true if you and others believe it enough. Its about that every person has a specialization that makes them unique to the universe itself.

The world of ChandarEdit

1. Facts about the world

1.1 Jobs and professions


2. History and myths

2.1 Chandar today

2.2 Myths

2.2.1 Demigods

2.2.2 Myths of the Sand People

2.2.3 Ashlan Myths

2.2.4 The Colonizers’ myths

2.3 Timeline After Shuttle Crash (A. S.C.) 0, till today (important events)

3. Religion

3.1 The Gods / Divine Beings

3.1.1 Ashlan

3.1.2 Weirs

3.1.3 Demigods Nomad Demigods

3.1.4 The Colonizers

3.2 Priesthood - The persons behind every religion

3.2.1 The mayors - Face of the god in each layer

3.2.2 The Weir representative


3.3 Spiritual World

3.3.1 Ceremonies

3.3.2 Prayers

3.3.3 Sacrificials

3.3.4 Mass

3.3.5 Myth related to transition (birth, mid-age, “marriage” etc.)

3.4 Physical World

3.4.1 Temples

3.4.2 Monasteries

3.4.3 Symbols

4. Chandar

4.1 Cities

4.1.1 Infrastructure

4.1.2 Governance

4.1.3 Trade Commodities

4.2 The Sand Dunes

4.3 Economy

4.4 Metals

The System Edit

1. The Character Sheet

1.1 Attributes

1.1.1 Basic attributes

1.1.2 Super Attributes

1.1.3 Sub-Attributes

1.2 Professions

1.2.1 Social Science

1.2.2 Natural Science

1.2.3 Healthcare and Medicine

1.2.4 Entertainment

1.2.5 Industrial

1.2.6 Blacksmithing & Runemagic

1.2.7 Craftmanship

1.2.8 Athletism & sport

1.2.9 Law enforcement & Military

1.2.10 Transport & Trade

1.3 Skills

1.4 Crafts

1.5 Virtues

1.6 Vices

1.7 Senses

1.8 Economy levels

2. Character building

2.1 Writing a history

2.2 Choosing who or what your character is

2.2.1 Basic attributes

2.2.2 Profession

2.2.3 Skills

2.3 The world and your character

3. Magic

4. Combat

5. Poison

6. Illness

Timeline Edit

Gamemasters Lounge Edit

Latest activityEdit

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