In the world of Drakes there are 150 cities and a flying fortress. A description of each city, its vice or virtue is listed below.

List of citiesEdit

Center: Crimson, Lagony

1st Ring: Un, Ra, Igdo, Ta, Na, Se

2nd Ring: Januar, Decea, Novea, Oktea, Septem, Augusti, Julyan, June, May, Apri, Mar, Febur

3rd Ring: Morna, Luc, Zeus, Hygnos, Dionysos, Hermes, Ares, Pozeidon, Athenes, Aphrodite, Kronos, Pluto, Saturnus, Venus, Jupitera, Merkera, Mars, Gaia, Luna, Night, Din, Eve, Luunc, Brieak

4th Ring: Priarmos, Owen, Abduc, Ezreal, Simion, Arthanthes, Gea, Amn, Ulrich, Brenn, Teep, Fréen, Mira, Juilles, Kir, Caroline, Freda, Verd, Dresden, Darwin, Kral, Quixote, Tyra, Morgan, Uion, Gialea, James, Grell, Vea, Mona, Age, Marc, Plum, Oorth, Freda, Rifberg

5th Ring:

Outer Rim:

Goverment Edit

The cities each have very similar governmental structure, but do not share a centralized government. Main page for government